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Many times in our lives, especially in the most stressful situations where we have to make a big decision, a free card roll could save us a lot of trouble and surely lead us to the right path. When doing a free tarot reading it is essential to adopt a receptive attitude to the answers that the cards will give us, where there is no room for superstition or skepticism.

We are looking for the free tarot to transmit wisdom and clear our doubts, so we must respect it.

Consult the free online tarot

Before starting a free tarot card reading it is important to relax and try to leave your mind clear so that you can open up to the messages that the cards transmit.

Meditate for a few minutes with your eyes closed to get your bearings and think well about the question you want to consult the free tarot without the need of email or registration. And, of course, always adopt an optimistic attitude towards the symbols of the divination cards even if their answers are not entirely positive. It depends exclusively on the interpretation of the free card reading, since its message will also depend on our current state of consciousness, mood or social situation in which we find ourselves at the time of the free card reading.

If this online tarot card reading has not convinced you, remember that you can also make other free tarot queries in the different sections of our website.

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Do you want to know if you’ll find a job, if you’ll be lucky in love or if you’ll get pregnant? Do you have doubts about your economic life and would like to know if you’re going to earn more money? Find it out now!

When reading letters for free, why is it important for the reader to concentrate and for the question to be made clear to the consultant? Is there a rite to be followed or a commandment to read one’s destiny for free? Concentration, mentalization… words with different meanings but with the same purpose in the free online tarot reading: to receive the answer of the oracles, of the being that guides the cards, the “divine answer”.

History of Tarot

It comes from the most remote past of humanity to our days loaded with all the symbolism that came with the birth of magic. With the study of the tarot through the years one goes discovering its wonderful construction closely related to the nature and the human being, symbol of the sky and the constellations.

It is a very complex art that over time has been discovered and perfected until reaching our days. Today we have many different decks and rolls that are perfectly adapted to each person according to their consultation.

As we all know, the art of divination goes back to ancient times, when the knowledge of each person’s destiny was practiced, even before the Roman Empire and Ancient Greece.

There is no absolute certainty of the true origin of these cards, although it is true that the history of the tarot is surrounded by mystery and, of course, many conjectures about whether it comes from the East, if it is related to the Egyptians or if its origin was in the Middle Ages.

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This happens because in the symbols of the tarot cards have been detected influences as disparate as rituals of the Cathars, the Jewish Kabbalah, Gnosticism, Neoplatonism and even Greek rites.  Tarot experts point out that the Major Arcana come from an ancient Egyptian book because of the hieroglyphs that make up each card. Representations of the symbols of 108 cards have been found in the pyramids of ancient Egypt, of which we know 78.

In the course of research, it became apparent that in the past the use of these cards had different purposes and methodologies than those currently used. The formats found, for example, in oriental cultures are presumed to have been used for religious preparations or initiations as interpretations of objects or deities but represented in secret codes.

For these reasons, it is presumed that there is a direct relationship between Eastern cultures and their symbolism, a symbolism that can nevertheless be found throughout world history in different cultures such as the Maya, cultures in which symbols have divine representations.

It has been studied the similarity of this game with the Indian chess or it has been speculated that it was created by kabbalists around the year 200. Even with this, the majority of the scholars agree that the diffusion of the divinatory arts through Europe was carried out by the gypsies, who introduced it in the West.

There are several types of free tarot, such as the Celtic tarot and the moon tarot, and it has been so since ancient times, but all bear a great similarity to each other in their interpretation.

Originally, the illustrations of the cards were made by hand, but with the evolution of writing tools were used other methods. Each stage in history and each method gave the cards their personal character in terms of the richness of the strokes and the number of colours used in their design. With the appearance of silk-screen printing, they could create different decks depending on whether they were sold to an aristocrat or marketed to the public. The number of colours also changed with the emergence of industrial printing presses in the 19th century.

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Currently the most widely accepted is the Marseilles Tarot, composed of 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. The fact that numerous copies of the Marseilles Tarot were manufactured by different printers at different times with great similarity, proves the existence of a common original canon. The new techniques of computer printing have allowed us to give the strokes and colors of the Marseilles Tarot a precision which has never been obtained before. This game took popularity, as it presented its complete characters and each card had its Roman numerals at the top, leaving the bottom to indicate the name of each card in French.

The Marseilles Tarot dates from the 15th century and is closely linked to playing cards, as it is believed that they originated from Tarot cards.

At the end of the Middle Ages, the Church began a struggle against this divinatory art, since it was considered a means of uniting people and sin, and proceeded to burn several decks of cards.

One of the decks that miraculously managed to escape the flames of the bonfires on which they were burned was the Visconti deck, named after its creator, Philip Visconti, Duke of Milan, which has become one of the most famous decks.

Meaning of the free tarot

Every free tarot card has its own meaning. It cannot be changed and is the same for all types of tarot. This means that the card The Priestess has the same meaning in all the cards, but it is up to the consultant or tarot player to give it a proper interpretation. The interpretation, however, may vary depending on the emotional state of the consultant, his/her attitude in the free roll, their beliefs, their current status, etc. The interpretation depends on many factors, the meaning does not.

The interpretation of each card has the added difficulty that, depending on what the other sheets resulting from the free print run are, it will have one meaning or another in the reading.

The meaning of the cards also depends a lot on their color, their illustration, their symbols and their story. They are not designed at random, they have been composed over the years through the study of astrology, numerology, kabbalah, alchemy, etc. All this symbolic charge has been captured in the tarot deck to show the way to those who are lost in life.

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Classification of tarot cards

Like everything in life, there is also the free tarot classification. What is this classification for? Classification is the action or effect of sorting or arranging by class. The classification of things is present in all sectors, in all things. With this it would not be different, there is a classification of tarot cards according to the design and time they were made, and it is as follows:

  • The historical ones: Gringonneur Tarot, Mantegna Tarocchi, Bologna Tarocchi, Visconti-Sforza Tarot, Mitelli Tarocchi and Mincchiate of Florença (florensa) are included in this type of deck.
  • The traditional ones: Marseilles Tarot (the most used), the Italian Tarot and the free Spanish Tarot (with the Spanish deck).
  • The Occult: Rider-Waite Tarot, Oswald Wirth Tarot, the oldest: Visconti – Sforza, and of Mantegna.
  • The Modern one: Bohemian Tarot, Crowley Tarot, Rider-Waite Tarot, New Age, Cosmic, Aquarian.
  • The Transcultural Card Game: the Egyptian Tarot, the Mythological Tarot, the Fairy Tarot, the Aztec Tarot and the Runes of the Viking oracle.
  • The Surrealist: the OSHO ZEN Tarot, the Mystic, the Tantric, the Dali Tarot, and the free I CHING.

The classification of tarot cards helps to know the culture behind them, its history, its meaning, and helps in the learning of those people who want to devote themselves to the study and interpretation of the cards to work as professionals in the area, or simply to have a deeper knowledge about the art of divination. This classification is important because with it, we can learn how was the process of creation of each card game, why there are so many types of cards and mainly to break down taboos about this topic.

We must be educated people, dedicated to acquire knowledge and eliminate ignorance and discrimination from our lives. Learning is never in vain, nor is it too much.

The first step to find answers in the cards is to admit that you have a problem and you need a solution, the next step is to seek help to solve this problem, the last step is to consult the answers of the free tarot cards. What counts is the well-being of the individual, no matter where he or she goes to seek such help. Only you know what is best for you, and when you are not sure of anything, seek help in the free tarot. We are not alone in the world, we are here to help us in everything. We all need everyone, do not rule out any kind of help. Open your mind.

The Arcana

The tarot decks are composed of 78 cards: 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. The word “arcane” comes from the Latin arcanum, which means “mystery” or “secret”. The most extended and common thing is that in the card rolls in order to interpret the past, the present and the future, only the Major Arcana are used.

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We must understand that the tarot is a language and that the arcana is its alphabet. According to their location, the cards transmit different messages. The arcanes can change and acquire, not only 2 meanings according to whether they are to the right or the opposite, but they can also have 360 more meanings according to their position in the free card draw.

This is the most common composition of the cards in this deck, next we will see the symbolism and meaning of the arcana.

The Major Arcana

The cards which represent the most important keys to this divinatory art are the 22 Major Arcana. This group of cards tells a story based on the experiences by which every human being must cross in his path of knowledge and personal growth.

The Major Arcana show a variety of symbols and meaning of variable origin that summarize the great myths of humanity. The 22 Major Arcana are known as triumphs (atouts in French; atutti in Italian), whose meaning is “above all else”.

If you want to know more about the Major Arcana, click on our card section.

The Minor Arcana

The 56 cards that constitute the Minor Arcana are in turn divided into 4 suits, each suit consisting of cards numbered from ace to ten and four figures. The figures are the King, the Queen, the Horse and the Jack. It is believed that the figures represented a wealthy medieval family, as the term “Jack” was used to designate small children.

The four sticks are therefore the swords, the cups, the coins and the clubs. Traditionally associated with the mystical astrological symbols of the lion, the angel (or man), the bull and the eagle. Symbols that became the beasts of the apocalypse in the Old Testament version of the prophet Ezekiel. In the Middle Ages these symbols were associated with the four elements: fire, water, air and earth; and the four seasons: summer, winter, spring and autumn.

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At this stage they also associated the suits to the representation of the medieval social classes: the swords represented the warriors, the cups were the symbol of the Church, the coins were associated to the wealthy and the clubs were the representation of the peasants. It came to be associated with the Hebrew letters IHVH or Jehovah, which represented the conscious energy from which the universe is created. It was also believed that the four clubs of the minor arcana came from the four objects of the legends of the Holy Grail: the sword, the cup, the spear and the stick.

The modern deck, derived from the previous one, contains hearts instead of cups, which confers connotations of love and happiness; tiles instead of gold, a term derived from the diamond-shaped tile on the floor of the Paris Stock Exchange, because of the association of the stick with money; clovers instead of clubs (they arise from the plant of the same name and imply fertility and creative work); and pikes instead of swords, a word derived from a type of long sword or from the shaft of a sword, and whose interpretation is strength, conflict and spiritual struggle.

Tarotists and clairvoyants today

Nowadays there are many means by which tarottists and clairvoyants can communicate with you to answer your questions. Thanks to television and the Internet we can know at once our future thanks to free online reading, reliable telephone tarot and even in some free tarot channel. It is important that the tarot readers are good and, if possible, that their tarot is economic and cheap. The real psychics, the good psychics, are usually the ones born, and can even consult without a cabinet or for free. Another service offered by a psychic is the daily tarot reading by consulting your arcane of the day, where you discover your daily fate. The most famous seers and tarot readers are: Esperanza Gracia, Sandro Rey, Alicia Galván, Octavio Aceves, Aramis Fuster, Rappel, the witch Lola, Cristina Blanco, Paco Porras, Silvia Raposo, Montse Anglada, Denis Lapierre and André Mantovanni.

The tarot has already made its way into our daily lives, so much so that, without realizing it, we may be wearing card symbols or paying with them. This is because several fashion brands have included in their designs of bags, accessories and dresses the astrological symbols of the tarot for free.

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