Angels Tarot: Free reading and meanings

Your guide angels observe you, care for you and guide you in your life in love, work, money and health through their messages. Their mission is to protect you; you just have to know how to listen to what they have to tell you. To do this, make now your reading of angels tarot cards and discover the truth.

Do you want to know what your guardian angels are and who accompanies you from the beyond?

To reveal your card reading follow these steps:

  1. Clear your mind, leave it blank, free yourself from bad thoughts and relax so that the angelic energy flows.
  2. Choose 3 angel cards from all the ones shown face down.
  3. Discover the message the angels have prepared for you and you will find the keys to your destiny.

Receive the messages of your angels and spiritual guides to solve all your problems. The angels protect you from the evil, the pain and the sadness. All you have to do is contact them and listen to the messages they have for you. They will guide you through the path of life so that you will be happy.

The Angels Tarot

Angels have different ways to transmit their energy to us, to help us and to protect us. If we are in tune with them, they will help us to avoid situations that can harm us and they will warn us of the possible dangers that surround us.

The energy of the angels can be felt in the Angels tarot cards, and this gives us welfare and security, guide us in our path that is life.

Through the Angels tarot you come in contact with the divine energy of the heavenly universe. The Angels Tarot was created with the sole purpose of offering us wisdom and protection. The angels are the divine part closest to the human being, they hold out their hand to us and lend us their virtue.

reading of angels tarot cards

Consult now the cards of the angels and fill yourself with divine wisdom, the Angels tarot is always available for when you want to ask. By consulting the Angels tarot, you can see clearly the solution to all the problems that block your mind and do not let you move forward in life, you will find answers to all your questions.

For a reading of cards of the angels is accurate you must concentrate and open your heart and mind to the divine energy of the Angels tarot.

Let the energy of the angels enter your life and fill it with joy and hope, feel the magic that flows between the angel cards, the harmony between each card.

Now you can finally light up your life, find the answer to all your questions, enjoy this wonderful experience that is the Angels tarot.

We must bear in mind that the reading of Angels tarot cards should not be done in a hurry, as it could lead us to think that the angels control us when it is completely reversed, it is we who govern our lives, they simply guide us and provide protection.

Angels Tarot Cards

The Angels Tarot is composed of cards classified into 11 groups. Each group has certain cards associated with it.

  • Seraphim: the seraphim of love, the winning seraphim, the singing seraphim.
  • Cherubs: Kerub cherub, Karibu cherub, Longevous cherub.
  • Thrones: male/female throne, creative throne, foreign throne.
  • Dominations: Zadkiel domination, Yahriel domination, Chamal domination.
  • Virtues: Camael virtue, Tarshish virtue, Kemuel virtue, Sensinel virtue, Bariel virtue
  • Principalities: Hamiell principality, Cervill principality, Angelic Prince of the South, Angelic Prince of the North, Angelic Prince of the East, Angelic Prince of the West
  • Messengers: messenger Dobiel, angel Renueco.
  • Ninth Choir: Zagzagel, guardian of the cities
  • Archangels: Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Anael, Archangel Sariel, Archangel Haniel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Raciel, Archangel Raguel.
  • Representative angels: Angels of Death, Angels of Battle, Fairy of Love, Fairy of Abundance, Fairy of Birth, Gnome of Work, Gnome Revolt, Ghost of Jealousy, Angel Cupid, Ancient of Days, Paradise, Angel of Judgment, Solar Angel, Lunar Angel, Guardian Angel of Health, Angel of Trust, Elohim of Waters, Star Angel, Angel of Eternal Love, Angel of Forgiveness, Angel of Trust, Angel of Knowledge, Guardian Angel of Children, Angel of the Ascension, Angel of the Feminine Throne, grigori Sexual, grigori Material Power, grigori of Power and Strength, Angel of Faith, Angel of the Miracle of Love, Angel of the Being, Angel of Discernment, Angel of Reconciliation, guardian of Youth, guardian of Young Adults, guardian of Maturity, guardian of Creativity, guardian of Growth, guardian of Service, angel of Harmony, angel of Freedom, angel of Glory, angel of Peace
  • Negative angels at the command of Lucifer: Lucifer, Abaddon, Malchi Dael, Samael the Angel of Temptation, Mastema the Sorcerer Angel, Carniveau the Prince of Flies, Mammon the Angel of Greed and Covetousness, Kemuel the Angel who prevents the delivery of the Torah to Moses, Adramelek the Angel King of Fire, Dubbiel the Angel of Pride, Rimmon the Angel of Lightning and Storms, Moloch the Angel who sacrifices children at the stake.
The Angels Tarot

The cards of the angels are classified in:

  • Fire Angels: These angels are identified by the color red and energy. They are the divine essence that each of us carries within us, they represent work, movement. They symbolize passion, sex, but also hate and aggression.
  • Water Angels: identified by the color blue and the emotions and feelings. They are serene, peaceful angels that transmit harmony and protect us. They mean that you must eliminate all negative energy from you in order to purify yourself.
  • Air Angels: related to the color yellow and inspiration. These angels bring us changes, transformations in our life. They are messengers from the stars, they transmit joy, intelligence and freshness to us.
  • Earth angels: represented by the color green and the physical. They come to make our wishes come true, to bring us fortune. They symbolize our physical bodies and the balance between them and the earth.
  • Archangels: Archangels are represented by the colour white. They transmit us light, energy, spirituality. They help us to redirect the energy of problems outside of us.
angelic tarot

The Egregores

All thoughts and emotions that we emit are not lost in space, on the contrary, they all gather in a common place for all human beings, these “containers” of thoughts are called Egregores. There are two types of these Egregores, which are black and white. In the white Egregor all thoughts of love, solidarity, goodness and generosity are collected; while in the black Egregor negative thoughts such as evil, envy, hatred, rancor, selfishness or hypocrisy are collected.

Every time a person commits an act of evil, his action is reinforced by all these thoughts gathered in the Black Egregor. In the same way, when someone carries out an act of kindness, it is nourished by the positive thoughts of the white Egregor. That is why, to a greater or lesser degree, we are all responsible for everything that happens in the world.

So that we can prevent our bad thoughts from accumulating in the black Egregor, it is better that we leave it on Earth so that it does no harm to anyone.

Kabaleb in his work says: “The angels dwell within us, we cannot move a finger from our body without them providing us with the necessary strength to do so.