The most accurate gypsy tarot

In addition to tarot cards such as: Marseille Tarot, Egyptian Tarot, Rider-Waite Tarot, there is also the Gypsy Tarot that doesn’t resemble the other traditional tarot cards. The Gypsy Tarot has 36 cards. Despite its name, the gypsy tarot wasn’t created by the gypsies. It refers to gypsy culture and is also considered as one of the most popular today.

The Tarot largely owes its spread to the gypsy people, mainly due to their nomadic behavior.

The gypsy world has always been rich not only in the divinatory arts of tarot, but they bring together many esoteric traditions, such as spells and curses, hand reading (palmistry), dream interpretation and many other divinatory arts.

Already by the fourteenth century there were writings and references to these arts in the gypsy world, and they are the promoters of Tarot throughout the European continent.

At present there are many who use the gypsy tarot deck itself in their readings, among its most common rules are detailed:

  • Only throw the card reading once a day, regardless of the time of the reading.
  • It depends on the tarotist, but the ideal day of the reading is usually on Friday, although on days with moonlit nights it’s also recommended.
  • Use the own cards of the gypsy tarot if you want to make a gypsy tarot reading, try to avoid another type of deck.

Another interesting fact of the Gypsy Tarot is that in the reading of cards a currency is usually used, and a lot of concentration is needed, mentalize the question very well and ask it in the past. The coin is thrown into the air and, when it falls, it must touch one of the gypsy tarots cards. Once you have the card that touched the coin, this will be the card for that day. The gypsy tarot cards are inscribed in six languages: German, French, English, Italian, Hungarian and Croatian.

Gypsy Tarot

The gypsy people have the art of divination in their blood, in their traditions. It has its own unique culture. Will they be the best readers of the future? Nobody knows what will happen in the future, but through the gypsy tarot we’ll be able to discover some of the keys to what may happen, so this type of tarot is very common to receive questions about what people can hold.

Gypsy Tarot Cards

The gypsy tarot cards each have their own interpretation, which differs slightly from the interpretation of the Marseille tarot cards or another tarot.

Main Female Person Card

Positive Effect

This gypsy tarot card represents the woman who is doing the consultation. If the consultant is a man, the card represents a woman close to him, emotional and sentimental, being this his wife or his partner.

Main Male Person Card

Positive Effect

If the person who consults the gypsy tarot is a man, this card represents him. But if on the contrary, if the consulting person is a woman, this card represents the male figure closest to her, most affective and most attached to her.

Hope or Ocean Card

Positive Effect

This card usually tells us about the future. It symbolizes the psychological and spiritual state of the person is and shows us his/her hopes for the future. Being marked by the ocean, it can symbolize some ailment related to water or liquids. If the question that has been made is about a relationship, then this card represents a strengthening of the feelings that unite the couple and, if don’t have a partner, it can mean that the person will soon have a partner and that it’s likely that the relation becomes truly transcendent in his/her life. Regarding professional life and economic status, it symbolizes that new job opportunities will be presented, but must pay attention to the expenses incurred.

gypsy tarot cards

Judge Card

Neutral Card

The Judge’s card indicates the importance of the advice, that we must listen and follow the valuable advice. This card serves as relief for the person who’s making the question. The judge is also a good counselor, he tells that you’ll need legal help to solve your problems with justice, especially at work. It also warm about small decisions, because they could be serious at the end, on the contrary the small discussions with people close to you will be solved positively.

that you will need legal help to solve your problems with justice, especially at the labor level. It also warns you to be careful with small discussions because they could be serious, however, important discussions with people close to you will be resolved positively.

Long Way Card

Neutral Card

If the consultant finds this card, he/she must know that it symbolizes a long stage of life, a long road that he/she is going to take or that the consultant is trying to overcome. It’s a good card if you question about your sentimental life, since it means that your relationship will be long, whether as a couple or friends. In the workplace, it indicates that the work will last a long time or that you’ve been working in the same for a long time. This card wants to express that you have patience, because things can take a while to reach your life.

Good Man Card

Positive Effect

This card, Good Man, symbolizes maturity, trust, wisdom and experience. It represents the male figure that transmits security closest to the consulting person, it can be the couple, the father, the grandfather … When it’s related to work, this card represents the understanding and kind boss. Usually this card is good, unless the rest of the cards in the reading are unfavorable, then it can become negative.

Good Woman Card

Positive Effect

The Good Woman card, or good lady, is like the Good Man card but in feminine. It symbolizes a middle-aged woman emotionally mature. Represents a woman emotionally close to the consultant but older than he/she, who could well be a mother, grandmother, sister, boss, friend, etc. She’s a trustworthy, sincere woman, who shows her support and who’s always with you when you need her. This card will be influenced by the other cards resented; from them this card will change its meaning, according to the life of the consultant.

Marriage Card

Positive Effect

This card represents stability, both at work and in the sentimental life. It represents the total involvement of the person who consults in their work or relationship. The work referred to in this card could be linked to family or friends.

Theft Card

Negative Effect

The card theft indicates unhappiness, valuable losses, symbolizes that the person who consults has been deceived or has had very bad luck. If you ask about love, it will mean a bad time for the relationship or even the breakup of the couple. The same will happen in professional and economic life, there will be loss of money and you will lose your job.

Sad Thoughts Card

Negative Effect

This card symbolizes circumstances outside the consultant but that surround him/her and influence him/her very negatively in his/her life. It represents deception, frustration, hopelessness and even depression. The consultant of the gypsy tarot cards must be very attentive to future contracts and papers that must be signed, because they could be a fraud. As regards the love life, there may be an infidelity on the part of the couple.

gypsy cards reading

Unexpected Money Card

Positive Effect

If you get this card in the gypsy card reading, you can be happy, since it symbolizes that something that was wrong in your life will improve little by little, whether in love, health or in the professional and economic field. You’ll receive extra income and get help from someone very close to you. These improvements in your life can be the result of your efforts or may happen totally unexpected.

Great Fortune Card

Positive Effect

When making the gypsy tarot card reading, this fortune card automatically improves the prediction of the surrounding cards. It symbolizes the improvement of difficult situations in your life. It also represents the good relationship between friends, your couple and family, and economic and labor prosperity.

Judgement Card

Neutral Card

This card, being neutral, is greatly influenced by the cards around it in the reading. It symbolizes the decision-making process and the internal reflection of the consultant. The decisions taken in the sentimental, labor and family environment must be drastic, whether bad or good.

Nice Card

Positive Effect

This card can be very positive, but we must look carefully at the cards around it in the gypsy tarot reading, since they will condition its symbolism. It represents everything that has to do with communication: documents, letters, messages, telegrams, etc.

Mr. Rich and Good Card

Positive Effect

This card is strongly linked to business and earning income through hard work. It represents the good economy at home and in the relationship, a symbol of a young man who can be a son or a brother.

Rich Girl Card

Positive Effect

It’s the representation of an innocent, happy and young woman. It symbolizes the good things of the past. It could very well be a sister, couple or a young girl close to the person is consulting. Indicates pleasure for all art representations.

Sorrows and Unpleasantness Card

Negative Effect

Be careful when this card appears, because it’s one of the worst cards of the gypsy tarot in all aspects: in health, family, relationships, economy, work … It represents very serious situations that are difficult to solve for the consultant.

Military Card

Positive Effect

It symbolizes a uniformed worker who doesn’t have to be the consultant, can be someone very close to him/her. It indicates that we must reduce uncontrolled economic spending and be more responsible at work. Take into consideration that it also symbolizes a secret love relationship.

Money Card

Positive Effect

This card represents the success in the life of the consultant in all areas. It symbolizes victory and positive resolutions. It may be conditioned by the other cards of the gypsy tarot reading; we must be attentive because it could mean losing money.

Disease Card

Negative Effect

If the consultant gets this card in the reading, a stage of weakness, fatigue and exhaustion may be happening. It means the breaking of something precious for the person who consults.

Little Child Card

Positive Effect

This letter is the symbol of renewal, new experiences and change. If matters of the heart are consulted, it may represent that you’ll meet that special and important person.

Sad News Card

Negative Effect

Letter indicating the sad little things of everyday life. It’s not a very good card, you will have to take care of possible diseases.

gypsy tarot reading

Home Card

Positive Effect

It represents the habitual, current or future housing, or the place of work of the consultant. It means stability and calm.

Death Card

Neutral Effect

Oddly enough because of its name, this card is neither bad nor good. It symbolizes that the person who consults the cards must forget and leave behind the things of the past so that they don’t affect their current life, whether in the workplace, economic or sentimental.

Travel Card

Positive Effect

This letter represents the movement, either because the consultant is going to take a trip or because will have visits from distant places. In the labor field it refers to all the jobs that have to do with tourism, hospitality or travel. While in love it symbolizes the immaturity of the relationship.

Gift Card

Positive Effect

It represents luck and fortune, if a person gets this card in a gypsy tarot reading it will bring happiness: fertile love relationship, productive work and profitable economic situation.

Work Card

Positive Effect

It means the effort made by the consultant in all aspects of his/ger life. It indicates the struggle to achieve success through hard work both in studies, employment, love, as in sports or hobbies.

Change Card

Positive Effect

The change card marks a turning point in our life, the arrival of favorable changes for the consultant: he/she will find the love of his/her life, he/she will be promoted at work or will change to a better one, etc.

Jail Card

Negative Effect

This letter symbolizes a blockage, internal or external to the consultant, that prevents him/her from carrying out any action he/she wishes to perform. Represents a person who doesn’t like changes, which closes its doors to possible improvements in his life.

Meeting Card

Positive Effect

This letter represents the meetings, whether work or friends; and appointments, unexpected or planned; and encounters.

Room Card

Positive Effect

This letter advises the consultant to resolve their personal matters and that they should seek company and not be alone, since the person who consults prefers to stay at home and not go outside.

gypsy divination fortune

Hope Card

Neutral Effect

Hope symbolizes that the person who consults must have patience to solve things, not force situations, let everything happen in time.

Honors Card

Positive Effect

It represents that the efforts made by the consultant will be rewarded. In the gypsy tarot this card symbolizes the intelligence acquired with experience and the passage of time.

Thoughts Card

Neutral Effect

You must be careful when a gypsy tarot reading gives you this card, as it symbolizes the wishes of the consultant, but also its fears. In the field of love the couple could falter and the economic aspect will be unstable.

False Person Card

Negative Effect

This letter advises the person who consults the gypsy tarot to protect themselves from hypocritical people to avoid problems.

Happy Ending Love Card

Positive Effect

As its own name indicates, this letter symbolizes the happy sentimental relationship. Encourage the person who consults the gypsy tarot that’s surrounded by people who appreciate it.