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In the meaning of each of the love tarot cards you will find the lines that will determine both your present and your future in love. You can locate all the existing probabilities to find that couple that you dreamed so much. You will also be able to know if the couple you are with will give you what you want so much from them, or if what they promise will be fulfilled.

Our love tarot cards will show you, through its esoteric symbolism, how you will go with your partner, it will give you all the love projections you need to make the best decisions.

If you are in doubt whether that man or that other, or that woman will correspond to you or suit you, do not hesitate a moment and consult with our specialized service of free online love tarot. You will know all the secrets related to true love that have never been told before.

How to read love tarot cards

When we talk about love tarot we must explain the elements of tarot, in them are the basic categories in which tradition divides the tarot into 4 sticks that are swords, clubs, gold and cups.

Love and feelings are identified by this last stick, the cups. Each relationship is marked and represented by a single card in the deck. To discover this card is to be able to obtain all the information about the weaknesses and strengths that can guide your relationship, or can identify a possible future with that couple that you desire so much.

What day did you meet? What day was your first kiss? What day did you start dating? Every moment has its date, and every date has its arcane, so you only have to convert that date into a number.

love tarot cards

In this case, let’s talk about the Love Tarot card. If you want to know the love tarot card that represents your partner, you just have to make some simple additions with the date of birth of each one and convert them into a single number.

Think about your date of birth and that of your partner or the person you love, for example if you were born on 08.02.1980, then you must add each number 0+8+0+2+1+9+8+0 = 27, as we have to move to a single number now add the digits of 27, so we get 2+7 = 9. This will be the first number that will help us identify the arcane that corresponds to our partner.

Now let’s say that he, or she, was born on 09.10.1978, then we add 0+9+1+0+1+9+7+8 = 35, that number we turn into a unique one, so we make the sum 3+5 = 8.

Now we will add up the number of each person, in this case the number 9 and 8, so 9+8 = 17, in our case, this is the number that governs our couple. And the love tarot card that represents it is the arcane number 17, THE STAR.

Do you know your card? Want to know the interpretation of your love tarot card? If you want to know what your number means according to the love tarot card, take a look at our Tarot cards section.

The love tarot online, accurate and reliable

Anything can be found in this online world, and free tarot rolls are increasingly available at the click of a button. There are many tarot rolls such as yes or no tarot rolls, three-card rolls, but the one that most invites people to read the cards is the Love Tarot. Everyone has doubts at some point in their relationship and what better way to clear them up than with the free love tarot.

Love is extremely important in our lives, it gives us strength to move forward, it is like an essential food, basic, indispensable to strengthen our energies. Without love everything loses its meaning, everything is forgotten. The main thing is to love oneself, and when we learn that first, everything else flows with positive energy, life is even more beautiful in its “darkest” days.

No one can claim, presume or say that love is in their lives is dispensable, unnecessary, that it doesn’t mean anything. We all love something or someone. We love our parents, our siblings, our pets, our partners. We love to go to the movies, have ice cream, share with friends, love nature, love movies, love music, love to do what we love.

love tarot online

Love is something extensive, it goes beyond passionate love. Love is present in everything that surrounds us. All rational or irrational beings express love in their own way, which makes love the most beautiful and unique feeling capable of transforming us into better people.

Love is so essential in our lives that when we lose someone we love, be it our partner or someone who was part of our lives, we feel both emotional and physical pain. Everything loses meaning, we enter into a process of mourning, of loss, often without knowing what to think, what decision to make. We become sad, breathless, without faith and many times we lose our health because of this. It is for this reason that the love tarot is perhaps the most consulted one, the most sought after and the most popular among the free tarot rolls. People feel the need to know if their love lives will succeed or not, or need advice on what to do with life after a loss, a breakup.

We feel the need to have and feel love in our lives and when we don’t have it, we hope for it, we long to find it. Curiosity and impatience often lead us to seek this kind of help, consult the cards, know what will happen in our lives, is almost inevitable. We need to be in control of our lives and not be oblivious to what may happen. Many say that waiting for “Divine providence” is much better, it shows wisdom and faith, but there are those who are more anxious than faith and need to know what will happen, why such an event occurred and what can be done about it.

Love spells

If you want to maximize the reading of love tarot we suggest two love spells that you can practice at home and help you find real love.

Love spell to find a partner

  • Objective: with this spell you will succeed in attracting love to you.
  • Effectiveness: its effectiveness is influenced by the position of the moon and the time of year. It is most effective in the spring and summer months. It should be performed on days with the moon in a rising phase, never on full moon days.

This spell is not effective if you think of someone in particular, it is only effective if there is no target person.

  • What you need: an orange candle, rose water, cinnamon powder and a white handkerchief.
  • Procedure: make sure of the lunar period, I repeat the spell will only be effective with a crescent moon phase. If it is, in a room completely alone, soak the handkerchief in the rose water. With the handkerchief moistened, wet your lips, and on the handkerchief sprinkle the cinnamon.
Free Love Tarot

Now slide the handkerchief around the extinguished candle, as if it were a little caress. Once you have passed the handkerchief over the candle, you must leave it on a table and place the candle on the handkerchief, light it and do not extinguish it. At that moment you will have cast the spell, you must remain in the room alone until the candle has been extinguished. It won’t work if someone enters the room and you won’t succeed in the spell if the candle flame goes out soon after you have lit it. If this happens, you will have to wait at least a week before you can repeat the spell.

The spell is of Celtic origin and represents the call of love. The touch of your lips will be sealed by the cinnamon dew, cinnamon is one of the oldest known spices with aphrodisiac properties and it has an empowering effect on the call of your mouth. The orange candle and rose water act as a guide so that love can find you at its destination.

Love spell to attract the loved one

  • Objective: with the spell dreams of love you will get the attention of the person you want to conquer. It is recommended for singles. Thanks to the spell you will make that person have a nice dream in which only you two will be the main characters. During the course of the dream there will be no interference from anything or anyone.
  • Effectiveness: very high to achieve the desired result. It’s not good to attract love if you don’t know the target, this spell is only effective on a specific target person.

In case you know someone, it is very effective and serves as an aid in the process of attracting and capturing him or her. If you want to attract their attention and you want to tempt them, this is definitely your spell. Its effectiveness is very high to complement. Do not use it if you do not have a known person as a target.

  • What you need: a white candle, a blue candle and a red candle. An ashtray and your perfume, the one that the person you love knows.
  • Procedure: in a half-lit room, place 3 papers in a row. The first paper should be white and slightly perfumed with your usual perfume. Next to the paper, place the white candle.

The second paper should have the name of the person you want to attract and it is not perfumed, next to this paper place the blue candle.

The third paper should contain your name and next to it you should place the red candle.

love spell

Once the papers with their candles next to it are in a line, light the white candle ,and looking at the flame, you must say their name three times. Then blow out the flame and let the smell of the candle mix for a few minutes with the smell of your perfume.

Now light the blue candle and quietly repeat your name 3 times, then burn the paper with his name on it and leave it in the ashtray. Once the paper is consumed, blow out the blue candle.

Finally, light the red candle, which should remain lit until it is consumed. With this last candle you will have unleashed the spell. You can be sure that he or she will dream about you that night.

Of ancient Celtic tradition, with the first candle you manage to focus his or her attention in a subtle way on your person, since the perfume mixed with the smell of the candle will uncover the memories of your subconscious. The colour white represents the light.

Once you blow out that candle, the blue candle represents the soft darkness of the second phase of the dream, in which the protagonists are marked by your voice and the paper you have burned with their name.

The third candle, the red one, represents the passion of the dream, in which you will be the only protagonist.

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